Dried Floral Wreath How-To

Who doesn't love dried flowers? This super simple DIY lasts forever and is so fun to make.

Creating beautiful pieces in your home doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, I find the cost has nothing to do with it. It’s the way the piece makes you feel that matters.

I was quite pregnant when we moved from Remuera to a 10-acre homestead in Franklin, New Zealand. Originally, I had grand plans of decorating the farmhouse into a modern rural escape, brimming with white walls, cane furniture and fiddle leaf figs.

Of course, once we were in and Noah was born, there was very little time for painting or decorating (or anything) in general. And I’m thankful for it, because since our move to the country I’ve grown very fond of the idea of “simple living” or “living in abundance with less”.

This meant decluttering vs accumulating… and being very intentional about what we have in our home.

Today while Noah slept, I gathered my favourite dried stems and weaved them into this floral wreath. I am not an expert wreath maker (as you can probably tell), but I had so much fun creating this piece that I wanted to share it with you so you could perhaps create one for yourself (or for someone you love).

This wreath was created using foraged, dried beauties from the farm as well as some gifted from my mother in laws garden in Raglan. I used a combination of dried roses, pampas grass, honesty, palm leaf and a few others. Now when I see it I think of the Mother’s Day when we built one together, and she gave me the elements used here.

These little happy wreathes can be custom created to suit any size or colour scheme. They look beautiful centred above a bed and they last forever.

Gold ring is from Spotlight New Zealand (link here / 300mm size).

Materials used:

Dried florals

Wreath ring *see above*

Scissors or secateurs

Twine or floral write strips


  1. Gather all materials and layer the dried material around the ring in different ways, until you decide on a rough design (see Pinterest for inspiration)

  2. Begin tying the stems with wire or rope pieces, tightly around the wreath ring until it feel stable. Pick up the ring and ensure it is stable enough to start trimming

  3. Cut the access stems and push the right and left side of the wreath toward the centre. Trim the excess rope or wire as well as you can. Hide the rope or wire by weaving in large pieces in the centre of the wreath.

  4. Hang and enjoy! The great thing about these wreaths are that you can add to or change them up as you please. I'm so happy with how mine turned out!

Wreath Preserving Tips:

Lay the wreath on a large piece of cardboard and spray both sides of the wreath with a foliage sealant (this helps dried leaves be more stable and resist shattering). Store in a flat box with a lid until next season.

Enjoy x

If you try this yourself please show us your creations by tagging us at #littlebatchwaxco

Have a lovely week and keep creating.